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There are several methods that we usually take for to protect bearings from rust. Here today, we will share some common anti-rust methods of flange mount bearings. 

1. Take the advantage of alloy. Alter the internal structure of flange mount bearings, add chromium, nickel and other metals to improve the anti-rust capability of flange mount bearings. 

2. Coat protective layer. This is the common and important method to prevent rust. According to different protective layer, there are several ways. First is to coat mineral oil that often used for cars, buckets and machine, or paint or firing enamel, spray, and so on. Second is to coat anti-rust metal layer( such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel) by electroplating or hot-dip plating method on the surface of flange mount bearings. These metal's surfaces can form a layer of dense oxide film, thus preventing flange mount bearings from water, air and other substances. Third is to adopt chemical method to make a dense and stable oxide film to prevent rust from flange mount bearings. 

3. Keep the surface clean and dry of flange mount bearings. This is the another good way to prevent rust from flange mount bearings.

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