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Three reasons of flange mount bearing damage

There are some reasons of flange mount bearing damage. Here today, we will talk about the three reasons that may damage to flange mount bearing. 

1. Mechanical damage 

Mechanical damage refers to the varying degrees of groove marks on the alloy surface of flange mount bearing, more seriously, metal stripping and a large area of messy scratches may be caused. This is because oil film is difficult to form or oil film is seriously damaged on the surface of flange mount bearing. 

2. Fatigue damage 

Fatigue damage is the overload of the engine work, making the bearing overheating, resulting in bearing fatigue. This damage is mostly due to overloading so that the gap of bearing is too large, or the oil is not clean due to mixed substance. Therefore, the process of flange mount bearing should avoid overloading and the working speed should not be too low or too high. 

3. Corrosion damage 

Corrosion damage of flange mount bearing is generally due to the impure chemicals (acid oxides) that produce acidic substances, causing part of the flange mount bearing alloy off, forming irregular small holes or small concave pit. The main reason of this damage is improper selection of lubricating oil or poor corrosion resistance material of flange mount bearing.