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If you want to prolong service life of flange mount bearing. Then pay more attention to the installation, lubrication and maintenance work. These can not be ignored, so as to ensure the service life of flange mount bearing. What should do? Here today, we will share some tips with you. 

1. Make right installation of flange mount bearing. Clean it and check the size and processing of relevant parts. Check carefully after installing. These are seemingly insignificant work but make a difference to affect its service life. 

2. Ensure the external conditions of flange mount bearing like temperature. These will be potential problems. If you cares, flange mount bearing will be protected in some way. 

3. In order to make good use of flange mount bearing, lubrication is important. It is better to deal with for the application in appropriate environment. 

4. When the flange mount bearing is worn out after a certain period of time, it should be replaced. 

No matter buyers or flange mount bearing manufacturers, they all concerned a problem, not the price or quality, but how to prolong service life of flange mount bearing. This is important, I hope these tips will be helpful to you.