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4 Bolt Flange Bearing

Purchase Top Quality 4 Bolt Flange Bearing Online 

4 bolt Flange Bearings that are mounted within a flanged housing are used when the bearing mounting surface is perpendicular to a shaft axis. They are commonly available in two, three, or four-hole configurations. 4 Bolt Flange Bearing units have a square shape with 4 holes for mounting to accommodate higher loads than two-bolt flanges.  As with our 2-Bolt Flanged Bearing Units, 3-Bolt Flanged Bearing Units and our Flangette Series, the 4-bolt flanged bearing units have bearings that can be moved and aligned to better accommodate long shafts.

Standard housings from RICCOTEK Bearings include both cast iron and thermoplastic materials and come with built-in grease nibs.