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The stainless steel bearing units are widely used for the food, drug and others environments. Due to minimum maintenance and hygienic design, most of the food and drug manufacturing companies are using stainless steel bearing units. With the help of the latest technology and high-quality material, we manufacture the stainless steel bearing units. We provide the premium quality stainless steel bearing units to our clients. The feature of our product includes high durable, precise dimension and rust proof. We offer the wide range of product in different size and dimensions.

Advantage of stainless bearing unit

You can gain more benefits by using our stainless steel bearing units like save cost, lower maintenance, and others. We provide the economical way to use the given speed level as well as load capacity. We also offer the locking devices such as eccentric locking collars, screw locking system, concentric clamp locking system, and others. The operating temperature of bearing unit is -30'c to +120'c

  • It does not require any surface coating
  • The stainless steel grease nipples AISI304
  • Stainless housing is AISI 304
  • High durability
  • Oil seal material
  • Stainless steel cap materials and others