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Why Do Many People Love Our Thermoplastic Bearings?

We are one of the most reputed and well renowned thermoplastic bearings suppliers in China. Our bearings are highly accessed in the industries where it needs to support heavy loads. As a professional bearings manufacturer, we deliver all our products with utmost care as well as responsibility. At RICCOTEK, you can avail several types of bearings and plenty of applications. We strongly believe in the customers’ loyalty so that we offer the most economical solution to handle clients load capacity and speed level.

Maintenance-Free Plain Thermoplastic Bearings Made of Thermoplastic Polymers

Polymeric materials are used in lubrication-free friction nodes, because the essence of their use is the possibility of failure-free cooperation with other materials in technically dry friction conditions.

Information About Maintenance: Free slide bearings made of thermoplastic polymers, primarily for their design and operation. The most commonly used thermoplastic bearings polymers in maintenance-free friction nodes have been reviewed. Among other things, the processes and phenomena occurring during the sliding cooperation of polymeric and metal materials are discussed. Presented are the rules for the selection of thermoplastic polymer materials used for bearing shells, as well as the calculation methods for slide bearings based on the results of experimental tests and numerical calculations using computer technology.

Reasons to choose us:

  • Our ultimate aim is to create value for clients through our quality of service, goods, and technology.
  • To maintain the product quality, we have developed our own quality system to ensure the product quality strictly
  • We have a team of professional who is dedicated and sincere to serve clients to meet their business needs.
  • Out most important advantage is to meet client’s special requirements and needs according to their application by several kinds of bearing materials
  • Our products is highly used in the fields such as food & beverage, airport, chemical processing, textile, pharmaceutical, and much more
  • Our company enjoys a good reputation for delivering high quality products at a reasonable price

Highlights of our Thermoplastic Bearings:

  • No corrosion
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • FDA approval
  • Undergone strict quality check
  • Amazing mechanical strength, stiffness, and dimension stability