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Spherical Rod Ends

High Quality Stainless Steel Spherical Rod Ends 

The Spherical Rod Ends can be custom ordered to meet your specific requirements. Bearings are found in the steering, suspension, stabilizer and wheels, thus, when you speak about sports, it requires things that move spherical plain bearings, tie rods and ball joints to play an important role. The miniature bearings are useful in various applications and perhaps in little service requirements.

If you require for any assistance regarding the best products for your particular application, keep in mind that we offer design engineering and application assistance as value-added services designed to make your job easier. Balls used in these bearings are available in various sizes starting from large to the miniature sizes. Ideal for high-performance and compact designs, these miniature ball-bearings perform at extremely high speeds along with low friction. It works great for limitations on space such as medical, electrical, and automotive devices.

Spherical Rod Ends feature one-piece, full-swage steel raceway construction with a proprietary low friction high wear resistance molded liner. Availed in various series, you can find non-standard materials substitutions and dimensional modifications to meet specific customer application requirements. Riccotek being the professional bearing suppliers, we only offer quality products to all our consumers.