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Bearings that are mounted within a flange housing are used when the bearing mounting surface is perpendicular to a shaft axis. They are commonly available in two, three, or four-hole configurations. Here today, we will share three-bolt flange mount ball bearings of Riccotek with you. 

SAFCT200 Series Light Duty 3-Bolt Mounted ball bearings Units

Three-bolt flange mount ball bearings have a round shape with three holes for mounting. As with our two-bolt flange mount bearings and four-bolt flange mount bearings, the three-bolt flange mount ball bearings have bearings that can be moved and aligned to better accommodate long shafts. Three-bolt flange mount ball bearings have three mounting holes, either arranged radially around the bearing axis at 120 degrees from each other, or on a triangular flange that is offset from the bearing axis. They can be used for construction, conveyors, food and beverage, packaging and general industrial equipment. 

We now have SAFCT200 series light duty three-bolt mounted ball bearing units for you. Other types of 3-bolt flange mount bearings can be specially ordered to meet your specific requirements. If you don't see it in our catalog, just ask us for it. You are welcome to contact us by email: