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Every industry demands a unique set of forged flange

Flanges have been an integral part of piping system. There are various of flanges that are used in different industries. A flange mount bearing is a metal disc used to join pipes. A gasket is fixed between two flanges to tighten up the seal. A flange is used to connect two pipes or valves or tubes to form a piping network. Flanges provide support and strength to prevent leakage. Flanges like flange mount bearing are commonly welded or screwed into pipes or valves and are then joined with bolts. Forged flange provides easy access to clean or inspect a piping system. Every industry demands a unique set of forged flange according to their requirements. 

Weld Neck – These flanges are welded to the base of the pipe and used robust applications. The bore of the flange matches the bore of the pipe, thus allowing continuous product flow and reduces turbulence and erosion at the joints too.

Slip On – They have bores with a diameter slightly larger than the pipe; helping them to slideslip over. They are welded inside and outside too, with fillet welding.

Socket – These flanges are counter-bored i.e. the bore of the flange and pipe, both are same, thereby providing a good flow of the product through the tube.

Lap Joint – Manufactured with a stub end, these flanges swing over the pipe. As they do not come in contact with the inner fluid, they do not corrode.

Threaded – The bore of these flanges has threads that fit to pipes that have external threads, thereby diminishing the need for welding.

Blind – These are mostly used to seal the end or opening of a pipe, which is why they come without a bore.