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How flange mount bearings provide a rigid position?

Bearings are inserted into some sort of housing are considered mounted bearings. Flange bearings are used for providing support to a shaft that runs perpendicular to a bearing’s mounting surface. These are critical in supporting shafts especially for high speeds, heavy loads or any other type of pressure that causes vibration and movement.

Bearings can be ball bearings, heavy duty roller bearings in many different types of housings. Now, the flange mount bearings are bearing units that are contained inside a housing unit. This provides a rigid and secure position to the housing while allowing the bearing unit to rotate within a clean contained environment.

Flange units are available in flush mount or piloted designs these days. It can allow tightening of belts or other drive components. They reduce the friction between two surfaces, and used for rotary or linear movements. These are used for varied applications starting from Food Processing Machinery, Material Handling, Conveyors, Belt Drives in HVAC Applications, Baggage Systems, Medical Processing, Textile and various other light duty industrial applications. Housed bearings are most commonly used in light duty applications.

M-UCPA2 Stainless steel insert bearing

Being a respected company in the business, RiccoTek can offer you many configurations when it comes to flange mount bearings and the most common being two-bolt or four-bolt designs. Two-bolt flange mount bearings are referred to as flangettes which are smaller and the four bolt flange mount bearings feature a solid base with a wide inner ring for more heavy-duty applications. They are usually used when a shaft axis is perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface.

Flange mount bearing are available in a wide variety of sizes and options, and RiccoTek create every product in complete sync with the industry specific standards and designs. We ensure that the selection is diverse for different integral parts. Also, if you are new getting into this stuff, experts of RiccoTek can guide you through for exactly what you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us: e-mail: