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List of all the types Flange Mount Bearing

High quality and long-lasting flanged bearings are the most commonly used in any application needs the bearing to be locked in place. They are locked axially along the shaft or perpendicular to the shaft. Such kind of bearing is used to help withstanding axial thrusting. In case of axial load or axial push on bearing, flange starts preventing the bearing from moving axially. Automotive applications are the perfect instances of using these bearings that need motion at a fast pace and with stability.

Flange Mount Bearings support heavy loads, when shaft axis is perpendicular to the mounting surface that can flex the shaft or create harmful vibration. Here, stabilization and support to the shaft is important and that is done through flange mount bearing. Depending on your requirement, you can choose them in square or circle flange shape. There are a number of added benefits associated with these types of bearing. 

UCX Series Insert bearings for mounted bearing

There are different units of Flange Mount Bearings available that are designed by industry’s top manufacturers from China and other nations. There are a lot of types of flange mount bearings that you can buy from reputed dealers and use for your projects. Here is a list of all the types that you can use for different functions in a machine or a device:
Take-up Units
Cartridge Type Units 
Light Duty Bearing Units 
Rubber Mounted Units
Pressed Bearing Housing 
Insert Bearing
Stainless Steel Bearing Units
Thermoplastic Bearings