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Maintenance for flange mount bearings should be improved

Bearing is designed for rotary motion as rolling bearings or plain bearings. Flange-mount bearing, on the other hand, supports heavy loads when the shaft axis is perpendicular to the mounting surface. These mounted bearings are used for different applications. 

The traditional way to repair flange mount bearings is usually welding which has a large defect. If there are iron filings that can not be effectively removed, this will inevitably affect the overall operating efficiency of flange mount bearings. And even lead to excessive wear inside. So better maintenance technology is needed to replace the welding maintenance.  

In the actual application process, improved maintenance technology will achieve the overall performance of flange mount bearings and effectively reduce wear problems that caused by welding so as to prolong the service life of flange mount bearings. Finally, that will help enterprises save a lot of maintenance costs.

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