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The Advantages of Flange Mount Bearing

flange mount bearing

The Advantages of Flange Mount Bearing

Flange mount bearing is widely used in various industrial equipment such as electrical machines, office equipment, electrical tools and toys. Compared to ordinary bearings, what are the advantages of flange mount bearing. Here make a brief introduction about its several advantages.


The most important character of flange mount bearing is combining the flange and bearing, which makes axial location easier.



As flange mount bearing combines flange and bearing, there is no need for bearing seat, which can help reduce cost.


Light weight

In order to meet the requirements of low frictional torque, high rigidity and good rotation accuracy, steel ball with small diameter is applied. And the using of hollow shaft make the whole body of flange and bearing lighter.

The above advantages have meet the needs of most people, then it is needed for many other different places. As it is better than ordinary bearings, people may think about its service life. Of course, everything will haveabrasionduring its using, it’s inevitable. What we can do is to reduce damage and extend its service life. Here offer several tips on how to maintain it: keep clean and lubricating oil.

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