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The Characteristics of Flange Mount Bearing

Bearing is an important component in machinery, and we can say that many machines can not work without bearing. Flanged mount bearing is also one of the most useful bearings, the design of it is in a ring, or general is outer ring or cone outer ring with outer radial flange centripetal mount bearing. Flanged mount bearing is composed of two axial and radial roller bearing assembly, which reduces the bearing size. It simplifies the installation structure, thereby reduces the manufacturing cost. Composite bearing radial and axial bearing capacity are big, all parts can be interchangeable, so, it has been more and more applied in all kinds of lifting system.

Flange units insert bearings

We can summarize that there are seven characteristics of flange mount bearing, just see as below:


1. In the design, the thick outer ring needle roller bearing and bolt turn into a combined structure .

2. The sizes are available in both metric and inch series.

3. There islubricating oil rut within bolts for lubricating needs.

4. For the convenience of installation, there is design on the flanged mount bearing for using wrench.

5. The outer surface in outside has cylindrical and spherical shapes, it could be selected according to the practical applications.

6. The roller type is applicable for  bearing large load at a lower speed.

7. When installing bearing, eccentric type is convenient and accurate for adjusting bolt axis’s position.

The above mentioned shed some light on the flange mount bearing, hope you will learn something now after a glance over it.