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The Maintenance of Flange Mount Bearing

The Maintenance of Flange Mount Bearing

flange mount bearing

Flange mount bearing is widely used in different instruments of different fields. Then users will care about how long does it use and how to maintain it to extend its serving life.

Under normal circumstances, the rising temperature of flange mount bearing will keep 1 or 2 days after lubrication, as the bearing is sensitive to the stability and functions of the flange mount bearing. Then it will be better to have measurement and analysis before its using, then people can have a good comparison and make correct judgments after its using.

1.To keep clean of the bearing. Any tiny dust people can see will have a bad influence for the bearing. So it is necessary to protect the flange mount bearing from the dust entering.


2.Carefully use. The impresses can appear in the process of heavy impact, in severe cases, it will cause the bearing fracture.


3.Professional tool. It is necessary to use professional tools instead of temporary tools for repairing. For any casual damage will cause irreversible damage.


4.Gloves: It is necessary to wear gloves for what kind of operation on flange mount bearing, as the dirt and sweat on hand will cause the rust of the bearing.


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