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The Multi Application Of Flange Mount Bearing

Bearings that are mounted within a flanged housing are used when the bearing mounting surface is perpendicular to a shaft axis. Flange mount bearing is a bearing mounted in a cast iron flange and used with other bearing types. There are three basic styles of flange bearing which is round or square four-bolt, the tri-cornered three-bolt, or the diamond-shaped two-bolt. They are commonly available in two, three, or four-hole configurations. They can be used with ball bearings, plain bearings, needle roller and roller bearings. 

There are so many types of bearings, and applications of flange bearing that it will be hard to name one and discuss. The flanges are aids in positioning, mounting, and operation, particularly for instrument or miniature bearings, but applicable to other bearing types, too. It is common for most ball bearings to have flanges as options in their configurations. 

Flange mounted ball bearings

Flanges are used with bearings to help securely position them for reliable operation on external housings. The flange bearing provides support for a shaft that runs perpendicular to the bearing’s mounting surface. The actual of the material bearing is made from on which the shaft rides can be plastic, bronze, or made of other materials. At times high speeds or heavy loads create shaft flex, vibrations, or axial load but using flanged bearing can help the situation by creating a support to the shaft and these problems can be eased. 

A ball bearing flange on the other side is commonly installed at the outer end of the shaft to provide low-friction, smooth rotary movement of the shaft. Based on the speed and length of the shaft, the application may call for more than one bearing. The small amount of contact in this application does not combat linear movement, however. A plain bearing, or bushing, will provide a smooth flat surface to control linear movement by the shaft.