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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions on Flange Mount Bearing

flange mount bearing

1. How to get a quote?

Send data by e-mail or use online quote system to submit your RFQ, our engineer will provide quotation soon(except holidays).


2.Are you the manufacturer or only supplier?

In fact, we are professional manufacturer and supplier for flange mount bearing. It is true that some people are only the supplier not the manufacturer of their products, then they have no idea about the advantages and disadvantages of the product. However, we have no such problem, we know our products very well. We can inform you any of the manufacturing process if you want to know.


3. What have you done for quality assurance?

We control our product’s quality by making a Quality Control Plan according to these bearing’s quality Characters, evaluating this plan and implement it. At the same time, we also do following evaluation:

a. Material suppliers evaluation. Test harmful element and non-metal inclusion.

b. Evaluate accuracy test & retest

c. Evaluate working procedure ability.

d. Failure mode and effects analysis and action

e. Sample evaluation

f. Do SCAR investigation when meet fault Products, analyze the reason and make an improve action. Evaluate this action.

g. Submit PPAP report as per customer’s requirement.


4.Is factory visit available?

Yes, factory visit is available for all of our clients, please inform us your schedule time in advance, we will show you around our factory.


5. How do you describe a preferred customer?

Prompt response, good communication, payment on time.


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