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Various Uses Of Flange Mount Bearing

Flange Bearing is one of the types of bearings and it has various important applications as well. It can be hard to keep all the application in a straight line but let’s make the effort. These bearings are bearings mounted in a cast iron flange and used with other bearing types. You can find three type of basic flange bearings which are round or square four-bolt, the tri-cornered three-bolt and the diamond-shaped two-bolt. They are used with ball bearings, needle roller, plain bearings and roller bearings.

On external housings that mount a bearing unit, flange mount bearing are very popularly used to help secure positioning for reliable operation. These are helpful for providing enough support for a shaft that runs perpendicular to the bearing’s mounting surface. The material the actual bearing is made from on which the shaft rides, which are usually made of plastic, bronze or other materials.

Flange Mount Bearing

We offer Flange bearings as per the application’s needs and they are engineered to meet specific requirements. With different designs, cages, load capacities and performance, these bearings feature sturdiness, water resistance and dirt resistance. Designed to mount ball bearing with high precision, they are suitable for providing mounting for other apparatuses with rotary or linear motion.

The Roller flange bearing can support radial loads, which may or may not require oiling as some types come maintenance free. Roller bearing flanges are infact the best for radial load support and fight linear movement of the shaft. It has the ability to support the greatest amount of load of all flange types.

The flange mount bearing aids in positioning, mounting and operation, these are commonly installed at the outer end of the shaft to provide low-friction, smooth rotary movement of the shaft. So, when combined with various bearing types, combating different loads and excess shaft movement, they ensure longer and safer operation of machinery.