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AH3000 Series Withdrawal Sleeve

An Adapter or a Withdrawal Sleeve mounted bearing requires the correct reduction of Radial Internal Clearance of the bearing so as to prevent relative motion amongst the bearing inner ring, the sleeve and the shaft. Non-compliance with proper mounting procedures will invariably lead to hot running of the bearing and subsequently to it's premature failure.

Both the Adapter and the Withdrawal Sleeves have cylindrical bore and tapered outer surface, with threading on one side of the outer surface, and are slit along the length. While the Adapter Sleeve has the threading on the small diameter side of the taper, the Withdrawal Sleeve has the threading on the larger diameter side. Thus, the Adapter Sleeve facilitates easy mounting of the bearing, while the Withdrawal Sleeve is normally used to ensure easy dismounting of the bearing

Price: US $0.3-3 / Piece | 200 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

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Adapter Sleeve Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Locknut
d1 d B3 B4 D1 D2 a b f G

AH3088 420 440 194 205 453.67 452 41 35 8 T470 X 5 32 HM94
AH3092 440 460 202 213 474.17 473 43 37 8 T490 X 5 35.2 HM98
AH3096 460 480 205 217 494.42 493 44 38 8 T520 X 6 39.2 HM104
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